For Facilitators
"The NWTL material was so clear and well-written that our group time focused mainly on the practical applications/exercises."-Nevin, California

A New Way to Love is an educational program for Catholic couples that invites them to protect, nourish, and transform their marriage into a lasting, fulfilling connection. The Facilitator-led Group Study program:

You do not need to be credentialed to lead a group through the program, but we encourage you to follow the facilitator guide which provides step by step directions for facilitating a group. It is important to know that this is an educational program and not therapeutic. Always let your group know that you are a facilitator, not a counselor. If a couple is in need of additional therapy, please seek the counsel of your pastoral staff.

Your first step in becoming a facilitator is to complete the program with your spouse. This can be done as individuals at home through a Participant Set or in a small group of couples led by another Facilitator. Once you complete the program as a participant, purchase a Facilitator Kit (includes a Facilitator Guide, a Participant Manual and a DVD) and promote your group using the resources below!

In Session 6, couples in a group study program will need access to the “Visualizing Love Exercise” to complete their assignment. Please either allow an additional 15 minutes at the end of Session 6 for couples to listen to the exercise (from the DVD) or guide couples to the “Visualizing Love Exercise” on the Participant’s page┬áto complete at home.

Again, thanks for your willingness to help lead the way to healed marriages.

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