Kathryn & Ron Rombs

A New Way to Love: A Course for Catholic Couples is a relationship enrichment program, designed for married and engaged couples. Its goal is the practical application of the Gospel message of love, forgiveness, and compassion.  It offers tools for steering clear of division, anger, bitterness and infidelity,and instead fosters intimacy, humility and agape love, bringing into reality God’s vision for marriage.

One of the transforming practices that A New Way to Love teaches is Imago dialogue: a 3-step process that nurtures listening, understanding and empathy.  Together, these steps allow both spouses to feel seen and understood, and, with defenses lowered, invite genuine solutions to their conflicts.   Couples find a “magic” in this experience as they move from an “I am right” stance to an “I hear, understand, and feel you” experience. Over and over, couples report breakthroughs, transformations, and a phenomenal deepening of affection and love for their spouse.  While the program is not therapy, many couples have reported that their marriages have been saved by A New Way to Love.  Couples learn ultimately how to create a sacred space for their relationship to thrive.

A New Way to Love is based on Imago Relationship Therapy, a relationship therapy system that has over a 25 year history of improving and saving marriages.  Over 1000 Certified Imago Therapists® are practicing marriage therapy in over 30 countries.

Ron and Kathryn Rombs created a Catholic edition to this program.  They have adapted one of the world’s most successful marriage programs for Catholic couples, highlighting the compatibility of Imago Relationship Therapy with a sacramental, covenantal vision of marriage as proclaimed by the Catholic Church.  Catholic couples who take the program receive a reinforcement of Catholic teaching on marriage, while having their personal relationship deeply enriched.

A New Way to Love Facilitator, however, does not need a degree or training (other than an encouragement to take the program as a participant). Facilitators show the DVD for lectures and demonstrations, and rely on a step-by-step manual to facilitate group discussion and practice. It is designed to be held in churches as a weekly 1- 1½-hour session program for 6 weeks (for example, during Lent season) or as a weekend 1-2 day format.  Alternatively, the six sessions can be given over the course of one weekend: 2 sessions on Friday night, and the remaining 4 sessions on Saturday.


The Authors: Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. are active in their pursuit to see marriages reconciled and set couples on a path of discovering God’s purpose in marriage.They collaborated together the bestsellers, Getting the Love You Want: A Guide For Couples and Keeping the Love You Find: A Personal Guide. Harville and Helen married in 1982 and reside in New York City.


Kathryn & Ron Rombs:  Kathryn & Ron Rombs have been married since 1999. Kathryn holds her Ph.D. in philosophy from Fordham University, specializing in philosophy of religion. She is currently a part-time instructor at the University of Dallas. Kathryn has taught at Fordham University, St. Joseph Seminary College and the University of Dallas. Ron Rombs, Ph.D is an associate professor of theology at the University of Dallas. He teaches Patristics and fundamental theology. He has published on Augustine and other Early Church Fathers. Kathryn and Ron reside in Irving, TX with their six children.


The Program:

Truly great marriages are not the ones that avoid conflict, but are the ones in which conflict becomes the occasion to become more deeply connected to God and each other. Achieving this kind of marriage requires practicing a new way of being with our spouse. A New Way to Love is an educational program for couples in all stages of their relationship. It offers an intimate picture of the distance between us and God…and that glorious passage back to reconciliation, healing and a new life.