For Participants
"I came to this program with my worst enemy and left with my best friend."-Julie B., San Francisco

Welcome to A New Way to Love. We believe that this program will not only transform your relationship, but also shift how you feel about yourself, your spouse, and the path of your marriage. You will:

The sessions offered in this program will take work but they will offer you and your spouse a chance to begin a journey in strengthening your marriage. Whether you are doing this program as part of a group study program or an individual couple at home, we encourage you to step out in faith and expect transformation from A New Way to Love.

To complete this program at home, purchase a Participant Set which includes 2 Participant Manuals and a DVD.

If you are currently participating in a group study, please use the Visualizing Love link below to complete Session 6.

Visualizing Love Exercise
Group Study Session 6